An investigation into the language of people who play computer games.

The use of language in the world of computer games is very much abnormal in comparison to most everyday language and could arguably be called non-standard even when compared to the use of language on certain social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. To begin with, there is a substantial amount of jargon and slang relating to the video game culture, including its own variety of satirical language known as “L337 Speak”. Identity is created through the use of these words as if, for example, someone is very knowledgeable at a certain game they will know all the jargon terms used to describe each feature of it, and can therefore include or exclude others based on the simple fact of whether or not they know what this feature is that is being talked about. One very common slang term used within the video game domain is the word “noob” which means “newbie”, someone who is new to a certain activity, in this case the video game. This specific term, coincidentally, is used to exclude the exact people it describes, it is a very derogatory term. This point leads to a very large factor within the lexical field of video games, which is that the majority of terms developed, apart from informative terms such as , are used to talk down to people, with largely negative connotations. Although this can also be dependent on the genre of game and the individuals playing it, as it does vary, this is the general trend in most games. This goes to show something about the average ‘gamer’, with the use of belittling terms and act of disparaging superiority towards others, an identity is developed, completely through the use of language.



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